Are you on vacation and looking to relax? Had a stressful day at work and in need of tension relief? Massage is the perfect way to destress, relieve tension, relax, and help with pain!

Massage therapy enhances your life by reducing stress, improving circulation and flushing out toxins and boosting your immune system. For you this means an opportunity to feel truly comfortable in your own body. Your overall health and well being improves while your stress levels decrease.

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

The answer depends on your pain and physical needs, your stress and emotional needs, and of course, your budget. Receiving massage regularly will have the most benefit. A massage once a week, or every two weeks would be ideal, but may not be realistic for every person.

What We Offer


Swedish Massage is the most common and recognized form of relaxing massage. Utilizing long, fluid strokes, your massage therapist will adjust the pressure to your desired comfort. The pressure in this type of massage varies from light to medium with the intent of bringing tranquility and calmness during your session.

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue

Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage is a more intense form of massage that aims to relieve tension, pain, and stress below the muscles that are superficial. This type of massage uses slow, deeply guided strokes, often with firm pressure. This is recommended for individuals who experience chronic or acute pain, soreness or aches, headaches, etc.

Couples (appointment only)

Couples Massages are offered for two people that would like to have their massages done in the same room with two separate massage therapists. We offer both Swedish and Deep Tissue couples massages



Sports Massage is designed to stretch tightened muscles, stimulate inactive muscles, and improve soft tissue. This form of massage will help you move more freely, strengthen recovery, and help prevent injury. Sports massage is recommended and common for athletes and those with an active lifestyle.


Prenatal massages have been proven to help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle and joint pain. Your massage therapist will tailor your massage to your needs and how far along you are in your pregnancy. This form of massage has a lighter and more focused touch than a traditional Swedish massage.

Hot Stone

Using similar techniques of our Swedish massage, our signature hot stone massage is deeply relaxing but with a rejuvenating quality. Your Massage Therapist will use the hot stones to loosen and relax your muscles throughout the massage. The heat of the stones will help to release tension throughout your body.

Cold Stone Facial

This 10-minute addition to any of our offered massages is great for those that would like a refreshing end to their session, have chronic sinus issues, TMJ, and more!

Physical Benefits of a Massage