Discover the Latest Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Science that Redefine Med Spa has to offer.

Glyco-Ala® is an Advanced Cosmetic Photodynamic Skin Care Treatment. Glyco-Ala® features light-activated photosensitive topical creams and gels that promote dramatic, visible anti-aging results.

Why Glyco-Ala® ?

GlycoAla® is the world’s only photodynamic gel that includes hyaluronic acid; Red light therapy increases tissue repair and healing [plus] beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and healing of burns. When your cells are hit with the red light wavelengths, a host of regenerative effects occur, leading to potential benefits like younger-looking skin, enhanced muscle repair, pain relief, and diminished scarring.

Red light is natural and can penetrate deep into the skin, where the cells can absorb and use it. GlycoAla® helps to enhance the overall appearance of the skin, without the discomfort, side effects and downtime often associated with more aggressive anti-aging techniques.

This revolutionary new photodynamic skin care gel also utilizes an advanced glycosphere nanoparticle delivery system for enhanced stability, absorption, and results.

Benefits of Glyco-Ala®