As we age, our lips thin out naturally. We develop wrinkles above our mouths, and this can make our lips look puckered and cause lipstick to bleed. Many women really just want what they had before! They opt for lip injections because they want to smooth out their lips and get more fullness. Since no two patients’ lips are the same, there are several options when it comes to lip injections Collagen and hyaluronic acid are two vital elements of healthy, hydrated, and happy lips and skin, but both collagen and hyaluronic acid are found in increasingly short supply as the years go by.

Adding Fullness to Lips

At Redefine Med Spa, our injection specialist will help you select the product that is right for you. Whether you have lost volume and are wanting a restored look that will take years off your appearance or an instant lift or pucker, let our injection specialist find the product that is right for you!

This family of dermal fillers were created with your lips in mind. These dermal fillers are proven to increase lip fullness by adding Subtle Volume to the Lips & Softening the appearance of Vertical Lip Lines. With results that last up to a year!